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Shopping for Big and Tall Clergy Shirts

It takes a certain type of person to guide a flock, and often that type of person comes in a particular frame. Big and tall clergy shirts are usually a good idea to make sure that the mountain on which your church is built looks the part. While it can be difficult in some cases for larger people to find clothing that fits right, when you’re a pastor it’s even more important that your outfit is professional and fits properly.

Why Do You Need Big and Tall Clergy Shirts?

In many cases, it’s fairly acceptable for a larger pastor to wear a standard suit or some other bit of professional clothing, but for many denominations and even individual churches, the clerical shirt is an important symbol of leadership.

The clerical collar was originally developed in Scotland by a Presbyterian minister named Donald McLeod. Rev. McLeod thought it was important to signify to anyone who is watching that he was separated from the world around him, focused instead on the world beyond and trained to help others get there. This was quickly adopted by other denominations and eventually became an almost universal symbol for preachers.

Because of the prevalence of the symbol and its use among so many denominations and cultures, finding affordable big and tall clergy shirts is often necessary in order to present the image of strength and knowledge that they have come to represent. Much like clergy robes, they mean a lot to parishioners who want to know that their minister is going to lead them down the right path.

Getting the Right Ones

Ivy Robes offers a number of clergy shirts in various colors and styles for big and tall pastors who want to look professional while they preach. Unlike many other outlets, we also carry sizing for all of our shirts, so that whether you prefer black or gray, long sleeve or short, or any other detail, you’ll be able to get the clothes you want to fit you.

Another benefit to working with us is that it’s easy to customize your shirts to fit your church. Sometimes that means putting the church’s name on them, or the pastor’s. Sometimes that means a decorative cross or the church logo. It can be printed or embroidered.

Finally, you can be sure that you are getting the shortest possible processing time as well as not dealing with expedited service fees for items in stock. That way, if you need a shirt right away, you won’t be charged to get it out to you quickly.

Larger people often make the best leaders, so make sure that you look like the leader of your flock with big and tall clergy shirts from Ivy Robes.