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Quality Bishop Robes for Your Bishops

IvyRobes offers you quality bishop robes, cassocks and stoles at prices cheaper than our competitors. We offer short processing times, no expedited processing fees, and customization, all at a price less than others are offering online. Whether you seek robes for your bishops, choir or school, we offer a wide selection of styles, materials, colors and more.

We understand that many churches do not have a large budget for divinity clergy wear and church attire. That is why we keep our prices affordable without sacrificing quality or selection. We do not charge for expedited processing on items we have in stock, and still retain shorter processing times than many of our competitors. We include our exceptional customer service free of charge to all our past, present and future clients.

About Us and Our Bishop Robes

We are a leader in the area of church apparel and accessories, with more than ten years of experience in the industry. We have provided customers around the globe with clergy, baptismal and confirmation attire, Christian gifts and more. We have our own production facility that helps keep your costs low, and we keep many items in stock for quicker processing. Our specialists have done a lot of research to find out what is fashionable in church attire, and how it has evolved through generations. Our bishop robes can be custom made according to your requests. They have risen in demand due to their customization, elegance and exquisite splendor.

Our Bishop Clergy Robe is made of the highest quality polyester fabric using the finest workmanship. Our robes offer hand sewn panels with embroidery on them, corded piping edges and front pleats. They have lined bell sleeves with deep cuffs and a pocket slit. They are generously cut with balanced machine fluting over the shoulders and across the back for a comfortable fit. They are durable and wrinkle free for easy maintenance and a long-lasting garment.

We offer the best customer service and quality robes at a competitive price. We guarantee the best quality choral and clergy attire at the lowest prices available today on the market. We have worked with hundreds of clients from all around the world and received wonderful feedback in regards to the quality of our apparel and accessories, as well as our responsive customer service team and fast order and shipping processing. If you want an honest opinion from our customers, the testimonials say it all. If you want quality bishop robes at the best prices, then you are sure to love IvyRobes.