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Cassock Robes In Stock

Whether you are a priest, choir director or church leader, you may feel that cassock robes are important for your choir or leaders to wear. There is something about the unity that appears when everyone in your choir or your elders wear garments that show honor. IvyRobes offers you a variety of quality cassocks, shirts, robes and accessories that are affordable and are in stock for expedited orders.

Uniformity of Cassock Robes

In today’s world, many people judge you by the clothes you wear, or where you live, or what you drive. However, in church, you are to be a community of equals. You are there to worship and serve the Lord through song, prayer and teachings. You are there to pray together, serve together and love God together. There is no room in the church for human judgment. Only God can give a just judgment over His people.

Cassock robes give you the uniformity you need to worship and teach without being judged by others. This gives you and your congregation the ability to focus on the word of God and the prayers in your heart, instead of what Mr. Jones is wearing or Mrs. Smith’s new handbag. It gives the opportunity to join together as one and sing and pray. After all, there is power in numbers.

Types of Cassocks

We offer a priest cassock in several colors and a couple of different styles. They are made of 100 percent thick matte polyester for durability and ease of maintenance. The material makes them wrinkle resistant as well as offering you easier care for your cassock. You can even customize your cassock. Our customizable cassock is made of gabardine, which makes you look your best, and is constructed for durability and comfort. In addition, if you chose to add a priest collar, it is easy to do so with our cassocks.

We also offer choir cassocks to give your choir a uniform look. They are made of the same quality polyester as our clergy cassocks, and offer the same durability. We guarantee the perfect harmony of comfort and style our cassocks.

We have a large inventory of cassocks in stock for expedited orders. We offer the best prices prices and do not charge an expedited processing fee for our in stock items. We even offer shorter processing times, so there is a good chance you will not need to rush your order if you are not quite down to the wire.

We look forward to working with you to choose the best cassock for you and your group. If you need to customize your cassock robes, we can help with that too. Contact us today!