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Cheap Choir Robes and Packages

IvyRobes offers a great selection of cheap choir robes that can be purchased off the rack or custom tailored to meet your choir’s needs. We also have children’s choir robes and accessories, such as choir stoles and caps. We offer over 50 styles and colors of choir robes, as well as packages with stoles and other accessories to meet your needs without exceeding your budget.


IvyRobes is an experienced dealer in cassocks, church regalia and choir robes. Cheap attire does not have to be cheap in quality or workmanship. We understand that many churches struggle with their budgets due to lack of tithing among their congregations. Donations and gifts are what pay the bills, so we strive to keep our church attire affordable to help save you money. We also do not charge an expedited processing fee for in stock items, to save you additional costs. As you lead by example, so do we, by offering shorter processing times than our competitors as well as exceptional customer service to all our past, present and future clients.


Why Use Cheap Choir Robes

Christian church people use choir robes as a way to identify and unify their singers. The attire helps to give a special look to the team, and removes distractions from the member’s street dress. It helps to level the playing field and avoid judgment from a single member in the group.


In God’s eyes, everyone is equal, so judgment should be avoided at all times, because only God can fairly judge people. Choir members raise their voices to God in praise, and they have the power to heal when they perform their best. Being distracted by street dress or less than quality robes can hinder their performance and, in turn, hinder the congregation from feeling God’s presence.

What We Offer

We offer many kinds of cheap choir robes that are made with the highest quality fabrics, whether you need matte fabric, shiny material or to customize your robe. Our robes are manufactured from premium non-see through fabrics, and are crease resistant. Our robes provide the perfect balance of durability, comfort and style. They impart pride and add confidence to thousands of choral groups across the nation and overseas.


You can purchase just one choir robe or place a bulk order for your group with IvyRobes. You can also easily choose your style and colors, as well as accessories to go with your robes. Should you need help or have any questions, you are more than welcome to contact us at any time and speak with one of our customer care specialists. We look forward to providing your with quality, cheap choir robes.