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Getting the Right Choir Robes Wholesale

If you’re building a new church choir or updating your current one’s outfits, you’re going to want to get choir robes wholesale if at all possible. However, just because you receive that bulk discount doesn’t mean that you want to get cheap choir robes that you’ll just have to replace in a couple of years anyway. You want quality, custom robes that are going to last through even the most vigorous singing of praise.

Buying Choir Robes Wholesale

If you’re looking to get a number of choir robes, wholesale is almost certainly the way to go. After all, most choirs have anywhere from 30 to 60 people at any given time, and might add or lose singers on a regular basis, so it’s important to have a stock of backup robes in various sizes in order to accommodate those changes. Wholesale pricing not only keeps the church’s costs down, it often provides additional robes to use in case of accident, wear, or just needing to outfit somebody new.

The other advantage to wholesale buying is that you can often get discounts on customization, or at least free up additional resources to make customizing robes possible where it wouldn’t have been at retail. In many cases, this involves embroidering the name of your church on the robes, or it can also mean putting a unique logo in various positions. Printing various emblems is another option that many churches use in order to distinguish their robes from the church down the street.

Regardless, you want to make sure that even if you are getting a deal on the bulk order, the quality remains. That means that the stitching is in good shape and isn’t likely to come apart in the washing machine or while singing. Additionally, the colors should be consistent over the whole robe, and any printed or embroidered logo or emblem is correctly placed and consistent with other robes in the order.

Making Your Choir Stand Out

Ivy Robes offers a number of unique and eye-catching options for choir robes. We also provide deeper discounts for the more robes that are ordered. Furthermore, we can customize any order to include emblems, names, or other symbols that mark these out as belonging to your church.

It’s usually not enough just to have a few plain robes. If you want your choir to get into their praise singing and feel like a single unit, they need to understand how important they are, and high quality robes are a great way to go about that.

Ivy Robes is here to make sure that you get the right choir robes, wholesale, for your church.