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Clergy Stoles are Like a Banner for God

Clergy Stoles provide a multitude of services, so to speak. One is that they add a position of standing to a person, be they the priest, a member of the choir, or someone who serves in another area of the church. Secondly, the stoles can be customized and embroidered to represent your church among all elders and leaders within your church. Thirdly, they can be a banner for God, letting everyone know that your heart and soul belong to Him forevermore.

A clergy stole, along with other clergy attire, puts you above the rest. In the Bible, it says that priests and clergy are held to a higher standard than the church congregation and the general population. This means that when it is your time for judgment, God will hold you to stricter rules and ensure that you followed His law throughout your earthly life. Clergy stoles represent a banner for God, saying that you are His servant and that you will do what is required of you to best serve others.

The Value of Our Clergy Stoles

Our stoles come in a variety of colors and styles, including reversible stoles to meet a multitude of needs. They are made of quality polyester fabric, which is wrinkle free, easy to care for and durable. Many of our stoles are in stock and ready to ship to you at an affordable price. Whether you need one or 100, we have the options and colors to satisfy your needs. In addition, we offer a collection of choir and clergy robes, clergy shirts and more.

In the past few years we have seen a consistent rise in the demand for choir and clergy robes, accessories and attire. Therefore, we have made our website accessible to all kinds of customers, and easy to use to find what you want. We have done our research to design the popular styles of stoles, and to offer them in a variety of colors at an affordable price. Plus, if you choose to have your stole customized, we can do that too!

Why IvyRobes

Customers are assured that all stoles are made of the highest quality fabric using the finest workmanship. They can use them time and again without being concerned about deterioration of quality. Stoles sold on our website come in combinations of different colors, giving you the option of choosing those that will perfectly suit your clergy and the ambiance of the Church.

Whether you have time or need your stole immediately, we are here to accommodate you with fast order processing and shipping times while still remaining affordable. We do not tack on extra shipping and processing times whether you choose expedited shipping or not. Feel confident that you have purchased the best, most affordable clergy stoles available today.