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Quality Discount Clergy Robes

Not every church has a lot of money, so offering discount clergy robes helps many churches feel more unified without exceeding their budget. There are many higher end churches that can afford to buy the best and highest quality of everything for their volunteers, members and congregation. However, most churches do not have a God-sized budget to match their God-sized hearts. IvyRobes offers affordable robes and attire without sacrificing quality or workmanship. Our robes are durable, comfortable and come in a wide selection of styles, sizes and colors to meet your every need.

The Best Discount Clergy Robes

IvyRobes is the top retailer for high quality discount clergy attire. We also offer choir and baptismal robes as well as other items for churches, schools and various occasions. We specialize in providing quality robes at affordable rates.


We offer a large selection of discount clergy robes, stoles, cassock and more in a variety of colors, sizes and designs. Our items are made of the finest quality materials, while remaining affordable to churches and schools that do not have large budgets. We use the finest quality fabric available, and we have a special design team that will tailor your attire and accessories to meet your needs.

Fast Processing and Shipping Without Added Price

We offer next day shipping for many of our in-stock items. We also offer convenient online ordering and have the products delivered to your doorstep. Our secure online transactions allow you the benefit of swift and efficient online shopping. The transaction is hosted on secure servers, ensuring that your purchases are safe and completely protected. We take many major credit cards for faster ordering on your part.


Our robes are made of 100 percent polyester fabric with a super crepe-backed satin cloth, with white piping and embroidery crosses adding to their rich luster and formality. Our items are tailor made and designed, with quality workmanship going into every stitch.


We offer a variety of colors that are comfortable to wear during all seasons. They are also washable and easy to maintain. Our robes are wrinkle-free, light weight and extremely durable.


You can celebrate your participation in church through our quality robes and attire. You can feel unified in service and appearance with our attire and accessories. Should you have questions or concerns, our customer service professionals are always ready to help via phone, email or chat. We look forward to serving you in the same way you serve the Lord. Experience the quality of our discount clergy robes today!