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What to Look For in Discount Clergy Shirts

Whether you’re planting a church or just need new clothes, discount clergy shirts may be what you’re looking for. While it would be nice to spend freely on the uniform of a preacher, there are other things that the church’s funds or your personal ones can go toward, and looking for savings any place you can means that your church’s mission has that much more as far as resources go. That being said, it’s absolutely vital that you know what to avoid.

Discount Clergy Shirts and Robes

You can preach in cheap clergy robes without looking cheap. When robes are poorly made, however, it's fairly obvious. The dye job is often blotchy, the seams rip easily, the sleeves are frayed, or it doesn’t fit quite right. A preacher that doesn’t care about their appearance can make parishioners not care about their attendance or the message that you’re trying to share with them.

That’s why it’s important to know what to look for in discount clergy shirts and robes, so you can ride the line between spending money that could be better used elsewhere and appearing unprofessional or apathetic.

The first thing to keep in mind is the quality of the craftsmanship. Stitching should be consistent across all of the seams, with the same width present throughout. Furthermore, dropped stitches or too many loose threads can lead to unraveling very quickly, especially in machine washes. Scanning for dropped stitches thus can save a lot of time and effort, not to mention the investment in a new shirt all too soon.

Another important aspect of quality is consistency of color. Cheaper shirts will be hastily dyed and dried so that there are rings of deeper or lighter color as well as blotchy gradients across the shirt. When you first buy your clergy shirts and robes, they should be consistent throughout. While some blemishes will be present in even the highest quality outfits, they shouldn’t be visible from a distance of roughly the pulpit to the first row of pews.

Getting the Best Online

You can find high quality clerical outfits for excellent prices at Ivy Robes. We have a wide selection of various styles at deep discounts, and you can trust the quality to reflect well on you even when delivering the most fiery sermons.

More than that, we pride ourselves on our customization services, so that you can make your robes your own, marking them out as part of your church. That may involve getting the name or a logo embroidered on them, or it may just require an emblem.

The people here at Ivy Robes are experts in providing the highest quality discount clergy shirts and helping you make them yours.