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The Ever-Recognizable Priest Collar

One of the most recognizable items of religious attire is the priest collar. The black shirt and collar with the white tab lets everyone know that the person wearing the shirt is of a religious standing and can be spoken to with trust and confidence. It is this type of clergy attire that is prominent in Catholic churches as well as some Christian churches. It is a way to set the priest apart from the rest of the clergy and from the general church population.

You know that when you are talking to a priest, you can be transparent and honest with him, knowing that he fully cares about you and your well-being. If you are a religious leader, people bring their troubles to you so you can advise them, as well as pray with them and for them to overcome their troubles and praise their accomplishments. However, it is the priest collar clergy shirt that lets others know that you are the head of the church under God.

IvyRobes Offers Quality Priest Collar Clergy Shirts

We offer clergy shirts in both long sleeve and short sleeve options. Plus, you can have a shirt in a few select colors if you do not want or like black. Our shirts offer a generous full cut for extra comfort, a front placket that conceals the seven button closure, a center back pleat, left front pocket and more. They are wrinkle-free, durable and machine washable for easy maintenance. Our clergy shirt is made of high quality fabric with 30 percent cotton and 70 percent polyester.

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We offer a wide selection, affordable prices, customization and exceptional customer service to all our clients. We stock a vast variety of quality shirts, robes, church regalia and choir gowns to suit your needs. We are able to put a lot of emphasis on your needs to provide you with quality garments and workmanship. We are also able to offer quality customization and embroidery for your garments. Our experts have studied the changing trends in church attire and have developed the right attire perfectly suited to reflect the spirituality of the religious community.

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