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White Choir Robes Look Angelic

There are many reasons why choirs choose white choir robes as their attire of choice. They are a great way to bring unity to your choir and your congregation. They also can appear angelic under the right lighting. In addition, they help to keep distractions down and judgments to a minimum due to the street attire of some choir members. When you praise God, you want it to be by voice and as a whole choir, instead of by the size of one member’s bank account or the appearance of a person’s street dress.

Quality White Choir Robes

IvyRobes offers you inexpensive choir robes for your choral group. Made with the highest quality fabrics, we offer robes in many colors, designs and sizes to appeal to your entire group. We also offer a variety of fabric selections and custom tailoring to make your robes unique to your group. In addition, we offer stoles and other accessories to make your robes one of a kind for your celebration, service or sermon.


We understand that many churches do not have a large budget for church attire and regalia. That is why we keep our prices affordable without sacrificing quality or selection. We do not charge for expedited processing on items we have in stock, and still retain shorter processing times than many of our competitors. We include our exceptional customer service free of charge to all our past, present and future clients.

Custom Service From IvyRobes

We provide custom services, such as adding your church name on the robes or embroidering a logo or symbol on your stoles. In addition to colorful or white choir robes we also have clergy attire, baptismal robes, confirmation attire, chasubles and Christian gifts. Our selection for gifts and robes is vast, and we continuously add new and updated items to our inventory.


Our specialists have done a lot of research to find out what is fashionable in choir robes, and how they have evolved throughout generations. Our custom robes can be custom made as per your requests. They have risen in demand due to their customization, elegance and splendor. We can provide you with contrasting front pleats, yoke and cuffs in addition to other custom tailoring options.

Why Choose IvyRobes

You will not be disappointed in our quality of fabrics or workmanship. You will not be discouraged by our prices or processing times, even on custom items. You will be amazed by our friendly staff and exceptional customer service. Order your white choir robes from IvyRobes today!